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“Martin Korrell surprises the inclined audience with wines that have long been at the top of the growing area.”-Gault Millau 2021

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this is us


Martin and Britta Korrell took over the estate from their parents in 2003 and have since turned it into one of the top businesses in the Nahe with love, ambition and consistency. The winemaking technician and the trained teacher make a good team. He is thoughtful, introverted and consistent - she is lively and eloquent. The four children, a boy and three girls, are just as different as mom and dad. It will be exciting to see who follows in their footsteps.
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Viticulture since 1832

Our history


Our ancestors first settled in Spain, where they were given the family coat of arms with the lion in 1483. There has been a winery at its current location in Bosenheim since 1832, which has continued to grow over the years and has gained renowned locations. What is significant throughout this period is that tradition and innovation have always been inextricably linked.
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Martin Korrell am Defender stehend

Martin's career began with a jump into the deep end when he returned from his internship in Australia in 1995 to find his father in a wheelchair after a fall. The grape harvest was just around the corner and so from one day to the next the 19-year-old became the self-responsible cellar master - and with great success. All relevant wine guides praise the wines as “dynamic, harmonious and distinguished”.
Martin Korrell himself is now considered a “firm bank among the top companies in the growing region”.

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wine stylistics

When you describe the wines of our winery, you also describe the person Martin Korrell. He is a winemaker with heart and soul, calm and down-to-earth - with great consistency and attention to detail. He doesn't need a big stage; rather, his wines speak for themselves through authenticity and quality.

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We concentrate on the essentials, always focused on King Riesling. This grape variety represents the Nahe growing region like no other because it is endlessly diverse. The winery's Rieslings are among the best in Germany and are both national and
highly rated internationally.

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Viticulture is not just a job - it is a passion. This includes a deep relationship with nature, a feeling for the climate and the vines, ambition and consistency. The Korrell family seems to have this in their genes, as they have been farming and growing wine for over 500 years.

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One family, one team

about Us





Denis Bishop

Cellar master


sonja reinbold

Operations management & export


Isabelle Ruhl



Oliver Nickel



Rebecca Schramm

Order processing & wine shop


Annika Winternheimer

Accounting & Controlling


Helmut Heth

Warehouse master


Alexander Baths

Field operations manager


Osman Polat

Outdoor operations


Thomas Schröder

Outdoor operations


With the growth in vineyard area and the ambition to produce ever better quality, the Korrell team grew constantly. Old hands and young interns sit at a table. Some ensure that the best possible product is delivered to the bottle and sometimes get up at 3 a.m. in the summer because there are no standard working hours in organic viticulture. The others take over as soon as the box is closed to sell the wine from Sylt to Tegernsee, from New York to Moscow to people with good taste.

But the most important thing is: everyone pulls together, because we are only strong together!

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wine shop & wine tasting

Guided wine tastings are possible if you reserve in advance. One person for competent advice and moderation is then only responsible for your group. Experience has shown that the rehearsal takes approx. 1.5 - 2 hours. We offer you the following options to choose from:

Wine tasting “Flight I”

  • Group up to 6 people: 150€ / group
  • from 7 - 18 people: 25€ / person

Taste 6 of our most popular entry-level & estate wines. We also serve a selection of bread with butter and mineral water.

Wine tasting “Flight II”

  • Group up to 6 people: 210€ / group
  • from 7 - 18 people: 35€ / person

Taste 8 wines from the estate and top wine segment. We also serve a selection of bread with butter and mineral water.

Wine tasting “Winemaker Tasting with Martin Korrell”

  • Group up to 6 people: €900 / group
  • from 7 - 10 people: 150€ / person

Our exclusive winemaker tasting with Martin Korrell in the vineyard house in the PARADIES location includes the tasting of 8 high-quality KORRELL top wines. We also serve tapas prepared by Johannes Metzler. A hike through the Herzens Lage Paradies as well as a cellar tour.

For evening events and overnight accommodations, we would be happy to recommend local restaurateurs and hotels that we are friends with. Please contact us.