FALL 2023
week 1

The 2023 vintage is finally starting. During the last hot days, our harvest workers go to the vineyards early in the morning to bring the grapes to the winery in a gentle and cool manner. Equipped with a headlamp and scissors, the first Burgundy and Rivaner grapes were harvested, with a wonderful sunrise over the paradise vineyard.

Week 2

We continue with our Burgundy varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris.

These varieties are also used in our STEINMAUER as a Burgundy cuvée.

Not much longer... then we'll start with the premier class - our Rieslings!


On September 28th In the best weather and sunshine, we were able to harvest perfectly ripe grapes for our PARADIES RIESLING BEERENAUSLESE.

After the berries were selected in the vineyard and brought to the winery, our employee Flo crushed the grapes and was able to carefully dissolve the important nutrients and the extract. Now the grapes are cooled again and then gently processed further.

We are looking forward to this high-quality wine!

Week 4

This week we harvested additional vineyards of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc. We have finally started with the first Riesling. We were able to harvest a young plant in paradise and are very satisfied with the quality. Soon we can start with the vineyard Rieslings.

The picture shows Paul, our intern from Vietnam who is supporting us throughout the fall. He is particularly looking forward to the single vineyard Rieslings!

Week 5

Week 5 was in the name of the vineyard Rieslings. We were able to pick healthy, golden yellow Rieslings from the Kirschheck, Paradies, Klamm, Dellchen, Felsenberg and Honigberg vineyards.

As a crowning conclusion, we were able to read our absolutely TOP Riesling ÉTAPE.

We would like to thank our reading helpers, without you the reading wouldn't go so smoothly!